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Fall in love with Jammu & Kashmir with our affordable Kashmir tour packages. Jammu & Kashmir is a world famous tourist destination whose beauty is not only in its landscape but also in its people and culture as well. Tour My India offers the best tourism holiday packages for Jammu & Kashmir that are tastefully designed for offering the best family tour, romantic honeymoon experience, thrilling trekking adventure, wildlife holiday as well as a sacred pilgrimage tour. Jammu and Kashmir offers immense possibilities of holiday experience for the tourists from its tourism treasures. Come, explore & spend a few days in Kashmir, the paradise on earth with Tour My India by booking Kashmir holiday packages at the best deals & prices. Special discounts are available on 2021/2022 Kashmir holiday packages.

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Jammu & Kashmir Tour Packages by Interest

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  • Pilgrimage Tours
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  • Skiing Tours
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  • Wildlife Tours
  • Fishing Tour
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6 Nights - 7 Days

Devine of Kashmir


Family Tours

Jammu & Kashmir is absolutely a star when it comes to family holiday. With our best family tour packages, we make sure you get an experience just the way you have planned.

With our handcrafted family holiday packages, we promise an experience to witness picture perfect landscape; stay in top class accommodation; and numerous activities to be enjoyed by every member of the family. Select from our wide range of family tour packages in Jammu & Kashmir and unlock an unforgettable vacation with your loved ones.

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Ask For Family Tours

Q. What is the best time for a family holiday in Kashmir?

The months between March and August are best to plan a family holiday in Kashmir. During this time, one can enjoy the arrival of spring when the entire valley witnesses blooming of flowers. From May to June, families can enjoy a summer vacation and since Kashmir doesn't receive heavy rainfall, the month of July and August are also quite pleasant to plan a holiday.

Q. Is It safe to travel with family to Kashmir?

Yes, it is safe to visit Kashmir with family. As a safety measure, it is recommended to book your tour through a reliable and expert tour operator.

Q. Is credit Card accepted in Kashmir?

Yes, credit cards are accepted at many places like shops, cafes,restaurants, and mid-range and top-end hotels. The budget hotels or smaller eateries might not accept credit cards in Kashmir.

Q. Will my mobile phone work in Kashmir?

If you have a post-paid connection, then you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted services in Kashmir. Prepaid connections from outside Jammu & Kashmir do not work in Kashmir.

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4 Nights - 5 Days

Jewells of Kashmir

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9 Nights - 10 Days

Kashmir Tour Package

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8 Nights - 9 Days

Joyfull Kashmir

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5 Nights - 6 Days

Best of Kashmir

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7 Nights - 8 Days

Magical Kashmir

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5 Nights - 6 Days

Delight of Kashmir


Honeymoon Tours

Maybe it's the landscape or perhaps it's the serenity that makes Jammu & Kashmir an ideal honeymoon destination in India. We at Tour My India with our tour packages try to add a little more magic to your honeymoon in Jammu & Kashmir.

Select from our handpicked Jammu & Kashmir honeymoon packages that come with the right ingredients to keep your first holiday together tasteful and of course, memorable. With our honeymoon packages, we make sure romance finds you wherever you go in Jammu & Kashmir.

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Ask For Honeymoon Tours

Q. What is the best time for honeymoon in Kashmir?

The summer season between March and August is ideal for honeymooners in Kashmir. Couples can enjoy a romantic holiday when the weather in Kashmir starts to become pleasant and the flowers in the valley bloom to their fullest. And if you love snow then winter month of January and February are the best time to explore Kashmir.

Q. What are the activities honeymooners can enjoy in Kashmir?

There are a number of activities that can be enjoyed by honeymoon couples in Kashmir like a cable car ride and spa in Gulmarg, horse riding in Pahalgam, a shikara ride and houseboat stay in Srinagar.

Q. Does Kashmir have good hotels for honeymooners?

Yes, Kashmir has all varieties of accommodation for honeymooners, our expert will suggest you best hotel options as per your preference.

Q. What is the best time to see snowfall in Kashmir?

The best time to see snowfall in Kashmir is between December and February.

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2 Nights - 3 Days

Vaishno Devi Tour


Pilgrimage Tours

Whether you plan to seek the blessings at Mata Vaishno Devi in Jammu or take on the challenging terrain for Amarnath Yatra or bow down at the holy shrine of Hazratbal in Kashmir, our Jammu & Kashmir pilgrimage tour packages will make sure your journey is comfortable and well-organized.

Choose from our well-designed Jammu & Kashmir pilgrimage packages that are packed with our finest services including the best camping and trekking arrangements for Amarnath Yatra pilgrims along with other necessary facilities for all the sacred journeys in Jammu & Kashmir.

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Ask For Pilgrimage Tours

Q. What are the best pilgrimage places in Jammu & Kashmir?

Mata Vaishno Devi and Amarnath are two best pilgrimage places in Jammu & Kashmir.

Q. Can I do both Vaishno Devi and Amarnath pilgrimage tour together?

Yes, it is possible to do to Vaishno Devi and Amarnath pilgrimage tour together.

Q. Do I need prior registration for Vaishno devi and Amarnath tours?

No prior registration is required for Vaishno Devi, only Yatra slip has to be taken at the starting point. For Amarnath Yatra, prior registration is mandatory. A health certificate has to be submitted and approval has to be taken before going on the yatra.

Q. Can elderly people do Vaishno Devi and Amarnath Tour?

The elderly can perform pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi since there is provision for ponies and the ropeway. However, for Amarnath Yatra, elderly people over 75 years of age are not allowed.

Q. Do I need to make advance booking for the Amarnath pilgrimage tour?

Yes, one has to register in advance for the Amarnath pilgrimage. An applicant is required to submit a health certificate to obtain the permit.


Houseboat Tours

There's indeed nothing that makes a holiday in Kashmir memorable than a stay in a houseboat over Dal or Nigeen Lake. Our houseboat tour packages are our promise to give you your dream holiday in Jammu & Kashmir.

We select the finest houseboats in Srinagar and ensure you get authentic Kashmiri hospitality. We have the best houseboat packages for families, friends, honeymooners as well as those romantic couples longing for a perfect vacation in Kashmir.

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Ask For Houseboat Tours

Q. Which is the best place to stay in a houseboat, Nagin/Nigeen Lake or Dal Lake?

Houseboats in Nagin/Nigeen Lake are primarily for luxury seekers, while in Dal Lake, the houseboats in varied categories can be found. The houseboat experience on both the lakes is incredible.

Q. Why should I stay in a houseboat?

Staying in a houseboat is a unique experience. In Srinagar, houseboats offer an insight into the woodcraft and hospitality of Kashmir. It is also an opportunity to enjoy the life on Srinagar's lifeline, Dal Lake, And it also helps to you know local culture of Kashmir closely.

Q. Is it safe to stay in a houseboat?

Yes, it is safe to stay in a houseboat in Kashmir. The houseboats staff is always available for helping. Guests can enjoy complete privacy during their stay. All the houseboats carry safety equipment such as life-jackets and fire-extinguishers.

Q. Does a houseboat have all the facilities of a hotel?

Yes, almost every facility is available on a houseboat in Kashmir. There is a dinning area, a front porch, a living room, well-furnished rooms, safety equipment, arrangements of food and drinks, as well as assistance of a well-trained staff.

Q. What kind of meal I can expect while staying in a houseboat?

Depending upon the houseboat type you choose; meals and meal plans can vary. Most of the houseboats offer authentic Kashmiri cuisine along with basic dishes from North Indian cuisine. The luxury houseboats have extensive menus including international cuisines as well.

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9 Nights - 10 Days

Skiing in Gulmarg


Skiing Tour

Gifted with the finest slopes and powdery snow, Jammu & Kashmir today is the best destination for skiing in India. You can select from our finest Kashmir skiing tour packages that can add an extra element to your adventure.

Our Jammu & Kashmir skiing holiday packages offer the opportunity to glide down the best slopes in Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Patnitop. We promise the best skiing assistance and the finest arrangements for gears and instructors or anything else our clients require.

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Ask For Skiing Tour

Q. What is the best time for a skiing tour in Kashmir?

The skiing season begins from January and ends in March. For the best skiing experience, the best time is from 3rd week of January till February end.

Q. What is the best place for skiing in Kashmir?

The best place for skiing in Kashmir is Gulmarg. It is also known for its Asia's largest cable car project.

Q. What kind of slopes/grades you have for skiing in Kashmir?

There are four kinds of slopes in Gulmarg for skiing

  • Baby Slope/Basic Slope: For beginners and amateurs
  • Intermediate: 8° - 15°
  • Advance: 10° - 25°
  • Professional: 25° - 65°

Q. Do you also provide skiing equipment?

Yes, we provide all the necessary skiing equipment.

Q. What is included in your skiing tours?

Our skiing tour includes everything starting from stay, meal,transportation, gandola charges, skiing guide, permits and if required skiing equipment's also.

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8 Nights - 9 Days

Gangabal Lake Trek


Trekking Tours

The striking beauty of Kashmir isn’t unknown to anyone. Adorned with expansive valleys with rivers running through them and trees lining the meadows; lakes tucked away in the lofty Himalayan mountains; and rugged terrains leading to stunning vistas, Kashmir has become a trekker’s paradise.

There’s nothing to match the experience of trekking in Kashmir, it is unique and filled with surprises and offers easy to difficult treks that welcome adventure lovers from across the globe. We, at Tour My India add more thrill and adventure to your trekking experience in Kashmir with our handcrafted tour packages.

Enjoy our best Jammu & Kashmir trekking packages that take you to popular treks like Great Lakes Trek, Gangabal, and Tarsar and Marsar. We have short and day treks in Kashmir like Thajiwas Glacier trek in Sonmarg, Aru Valley Trek in Pahalgam, and Nigel Nallah Trek in Gulmarg along with great opportunity of camping under the starry sky and amidst breathtaking surroundings. Book with us TMI and relish the best of Kashmir trekking experience!

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Ask For Trekking Tours

Q. What is the best time for trekking in Kashmir?

The season between March and August is the best time for trekking in Kashmir. All the important treks like Great Lakes, Tarsar and Marsar, and Naranag Gangabal are best done during these months

Q. Is it safe to do overnight camping during trekking in Kashmir?

Yes, it is safe to camp overnight during trekking in Kashmir. It is recommended to book your trekking tours with a reliable tour agent who has trekking experience in Kashmir.

Q. Who all accompany us while trekking in Kashmir?

While trekking in Kashmir our local trekking guide, supporting staff, and cook.

Q. Can a single person go for trekking in Kashmir?

Yes, a single person can go to trek in Kashmir.


Wildlife Tours

Go through our wide range of Jammu & Kashmir wildlife tour packages and book with us a thrilling wildlife holiday that promises a peek inside the rich Himalayan flora and fauna in Dachigam and Kishtwar High Altitude National Park.

Our wildlife tour packages give a chance to not only explore but to understand the wildlife and ecosystem relation in Jammu & Kashmir. They also offer the opportunity to catch the sight of critically endangered Kashmiri Stag and the Himalayan Brown Bear, apart from many other native animals and birds.

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Ask For Wildlife Tours

Q. What are the important wildlife parks in Kashmir?

Dachigam National Park, Kazinag National Park, and Salim Ali National Park or City Forest National Park are the important wildlife parks in Kashmir.

Q. What is the best time for wildlife tour in Kashmir?

The summer months between June and August are the best time for a wildlife tour in Kashmir.

Q. Which animals can I see on a Kashmir Wildlife tour?

Hangul (Kashmiri stag), leopard, wild cats, Himalayan black bear, and musk deer are some of the animals that can be sighted on a Kashmir Wildlife Tour.

Q. What is the best way to visit any of the wildlife parks in Kashmir?

Wildlife parks in Kashmir can only be explored on foot/by walk. Vehicles are not allowed inside any of the wildlife reserves in Kashmir

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6 Nights - 7 Days

Fishing in Kashmir

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9 Nights - 10 Days

Angling in Kashmir


Fishing Tour

An abundance of rainbow and trout fishes make Jammu & Kashmir such a perfect angling & fishing destination. We offer the best of this experience with our fishing tour packages in Jammu & Kashmir.

Choose from our best Jammu & Kashmir fishing tour packages that take you to the best spots like Pahalgam, Sonmarg, and Sindh Valley. With our handcrafted angling & fishing packages, you can rest assured for the best day-wise itineraries and all the important arrangements including the fishing permits.

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Ask For Fishing Tour

Q. Is angling legal in Kashmir?

Yes, angling is legal in Kashmir. The permit/licence has to be issued from the Directorate of Fisheries, J & K Government.

Q. What is the best time for fishing and angling tour in Kashmir?

The best time for fishing & angling tour in Kashmir is between April and September. However, the duration can be extended or shortened on the discretion of the Directorate of Fisheries, J & K Government.

Q. Where can we do angling in Kashmir?

Angling can be done at many places in Kashmir, some of the important ones are Lidder, Wangath, Dachigam, Gurez, Hamal, Lam, Sukhnag, Sindh, Kishenganga, Doodhganga, Erin, Ferozpur(Tangmarg), Bringi, Madhumati, Aharbal, Hirpora, Kokernag, Naristan, and Nowbugh.

Q. What is included in your angling tours?

Our angling tours includes everything starting from your stay, transportation, angling guide, angling permits, if required fishing equipment's also.

Top Places to Visit in Jammu & Kashmir



The summer capital, Srinagar wins over tourists with picturesque lakes, unforgettable shikara rides, unique houseboat stays, stunning vistas...



Boasting India's best skiing destination; Asia's highest and longest cable car; and incredible vistas, Gulmarg is unarguably...



Expansive apple orchards, lush meadows, and gurgling River Lidder, make Pahalgam a popular destination in Kashmir...


Jammu City

The winter capital, Jammu is also known as the 'City of Temples' owing to the large number of worship places it houses.



Renowned for being home to one of the top Hindu religious sites, Mata Vaishno Devi, Katra is a popular pilgrimage...

sonmarg image need


The 'Meadows of Gold,' Sonmarg is yet another slice of heaven in Kashmir Valley. This picturesque hilly place is known...

Things to Do in Jammu & Kashmir


Shikara Riding in Srinagar

A once in a lifetime experience, Shikara Ride is the top attraction. A ride on shikara is a brilliant opportunity to witness...


Skiing in Gulmarg

Unarguably a thrilling experience, Skiing in Gulmarg is one of the top things to do in Kashmir. Glide down the tricky...


Horse Riding Srinagar & Gulmarg

There cannot be a better way to explore Kashmir than the good ol' horse riding. The best horse riding experience awaits you...


Mountain Biking in Kashmir

The rugged terrains and the serpentine roads with amazing views make mountain biking in Kashmir an unparalleled experience.


Trekking in Kashmir

A Kashmir trekking experience is exclusive and full of adrenaline rush. Be it the high altitude lakes or the tree-fringed alpine...


Golf in Kashmir

With world's highest green golf course in Gulmarg and a verdant golfing ground in Srinagar, Kashmir proudly calls itself...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to travel to Kashmir?

Kashmir offers different experiences in all three seasons of India, and thus, it is a destination to be visited all year round.

  • Summer Season (March-June): The beauty of Kashmir enhances during the months of March and April with the spring in its full swing. There are flowers blooming everywhere and the weather is still cold making it a perfect place for honeymoon. In May and June, the weather gets a bit warm, yet quite pleasant for planning family vacations or any kind of holiday.
  • Monsoon Season (July-September): Kashmir receives comparatively lesser rainfall, and thus, the time between July and September are perfect to plan a holiday.
  • Winter Season (October-February): If snow excites you, then winter is the best season to plan a visit to Kashmir. Winter is also the best time to plan an adventure trip to Gulmarg where the finest skiing experience awaits.

Q. Is It safe to travel to Kashmir?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Kashmir. In order to ensure safety in Kashmir, it is advised to stay updated with the latest situation.

Q. What are the best places to visit in Kashmir?

Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Yusmarg are some of the best places to visit in Kashmir.

Q. What are your best tour packages for Kashmir?

Q. Do you have any suggestions for honeymoon couples?

There are many places and experiences for honeymoon couples in Kashmir. Amongst the many, two things that the honeymooners must not miss in Kashmir are a houseboat stay in Srinagar, and a spa and stay in Gulmarg. Apart from this, for honeymooners, Pahalgam and Sonmarg are also a must visit.

Q. Can we do overnight camping in Kashmir?

Yes, overnight camping in Kashmir is available at many places. Mostly, overnight camping can be enjoyed while trekking in Kashmir.

Q. Is it safe to do trekking tours in Kashmir?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to trek in Kashmir. To ensure your safety, it is advised to book your trekking tour with a reliable travel operator.

Q. What is the best time for skiing tours in Kashmir?

The best time for skiing tours in Kashmir is between 3rd week of January and late February, when the snowfall is heavy.

Q. Do your family tours have something for children also?

Yes, our family tours include several activities like horse riding, cable car ride, Shikara ride, Skiing, snowboarding etc.

Q. At what time one can take the Amarnath Pilgrimage tour in Kashmir?

The Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir can be taken between July and August when the iced Shivalingam reaches its peak.

Q. Why to book Kashmir tour packages with TMI?

We are a certified travel company with over 18 years of experience and have local office in Kashmir enable us to give 24x7 personalised and cost-effective tour services for Kashmir.

Why Choose TMI

  • Experienced

    TMI is an 18-year-old tour company who specializes in offering personalized and well-designed tour packages.

  • Certified

    We are certified by major tour and travel associations in India and world like IATA, IATO, TAAI, IMF, MOT (Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India), and TOFT.

  • Happy Customers

    TMI has received numerous accolades from its customers for its excellent services and best tour packages.

  • Local Offices

    We have local office in Srinagar, Kashmir for our customers to find assistance anytime and anywhere.

About Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Packages

A nature lover's paradise, a light of hope for spiritual people, an adventure hotspot for adrenaline junkies, a reason for family get togethers, and a cozy nest for honeymooners, the heaven on earth, Jammu & Kashmir offers itself as the best holiday destination in India.

When one thinks of Jammu & Kashmir, an image of snow-capped peaks of Gulmarg; pretty apple orchards of Pahalgam; Srinagar's Dal Lake with rows of houseboats and shikaras; and sacred pilgrimage of Mata Vaishno Devi in Katra and Amarnath Caves appear in one's mind. Jammu & Kashmir is an unmissable tourist place in India for anyone in love with nature or wishes to seek spirituality.

You have the opportunity to explore Jammu & Kashmir with our wide array of tour packages that are specially designed to cater to the different needs of our clients. We offer the best tour packages for spending family holiday in Kashmir. There are also religious tour packages, skiing & trekking packages for adventure lovers and best personalized honeymoon packages along with the best deals, you will not find anywhere else.

Tour My India not only includes popular tourist destinations in its holiday packages but also takes care of your need of absorbing all the sides of this heavenly state. And that's why our Jammu Kashmir tour packages also cover a vast number of enthralling activities such as skiing, trekking, shikara rides and many more. Tourists can also make their dream of staying in a houseboat come true through our best houseboat tour packages. What's more, you get to avail great deals & discounts along with world-class services on our best Jammu & Kashmir holiday packages.

Tour My India also customizes Kashmir holiday packages from the popular cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad & Kolkata for families, groups, corporate or individuals. We take care of everything right from the flight & hotel bookings to pick-ups & drops.